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  Like my personality and personalities in general, my sculpture is multi-faceted and varied. Sometimes there's depth and darkness and one needs to contemplate what's there, and other pieces are just ridiculous or funny. All of it starts conceptually and some of it stays there, but throughout I want my sculptures to be pleasing to the eye, well put together and have good form and composition.

  I passionately love the natural world and try to tread lightly on it. The materials I work with are often recycled or from trees I've selectively cut, rocks I've found or from one of the barns I've taken down and saved from the landfill.

  The simple fact is that along with the materials, I enjoy using my mind, my hands and my skills to creatively express my thoughts or pay homage.

  At this point my main body of work are wood carvings, found object assemblages and the combination of both. I look forward to making large scale sculptures in the future. Commission work is welcomed.

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