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Rick Osterhout

 Thanks for checking out my website. My home page is a pretty good representation of my work. A 20ft dragster made from a cornucopia of parts parked in the driveway, a 500LB rocking bear in the yard, a barn full of wood and stones and always a loving dog close by.... either I'm some sort of an artist or I'm slipping into eccentricity.

  I've been accused of being an artist for years but I never felt comfortable identifying as one until I read the words "blue collar art" in the definition of folk art. I identified.  I'm a woodworker, craftsman and generally a creative person who's been consciously gaining and honing skills and accumulating tools and materials that help me to make the things I want to make.

  My workshop and gallery are in an old barn on a dirt road in the town of Phillips, in the beautiful western mountains of Maine.


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